Watchlist: 11/15 Higher Expectations, Higher Markets

Market Notes:

There is a possibility of a bipartisan effort to legalize weed and the sector is showing signs of life. No one has seen the bill and there is no clear path forward. But this effort is reportedly led by Republicans and the Democrats have led on this issue for years. It’s not hard to speculate on what *could* happen.

Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels

Often times in the market speculation is worth more than the news. I’m watching ACB & HITI on this front.

It’s November options expiration week. With one holiday behind us and another right around the corner expect lighter volume in the big caps and indexes. The means there’s little to distract from the small caps and hot sectors.

Green energy, electric vehicles, crypto, and even 5G continue to climb. The infrastructure bill is a big reason driving this price action.

Futures are up. Last week’s shake was enough to allow the markets to start another slow grind-up.

I’m bullish and risk on.


*Low Float

*STRN is on watch
*BTB is on watch
*BRLT has support at $18
*MRAM is on watch
*XAIR has support at $13
RETO has resistance at $1.80
XPOF is on watch
EVGO has support at $18
SD has resistance at $15
IFRX has support at $5
AGC has resistance at $17
INDI has support at $14
HITI has resistance at $8
VUZI has support at $15
GGPI is on watch
BW has resistance at $10
CPRX has support at $7.25
SFL has support at $9
VLTA has resistance at $13
ACB has support at $8
FCEL has resistance at $11.50
COTY has resistance at $11

OTC stocks, no levels:

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