Watchlist: 11/13 Bear Attack, Friday the 13th, Shutdown

Market Notes:

Yesterday markets sold off more than I expected. I’m questioning my bullish call at this point. Futures are up this morning so I’ll keep a close watch. More selling and we could get a breakdown.

No surprises on new unemployment filings yesterday.

Some of the President-Elect’s advisors are recommending a 4-6 week shutdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. No indication from Biden if he will act on this. The inauguration is a long way off and we should know more about the vaccines by that point. Still, this adds a level of uncertainty.

It’s Friday the 13th in 2020. Good luck everyone! After this profitable week I won’t be over aggressive today.


GTEC is a low float, on watch

HYRE is a low float, resistance at $6

SOL is a low float, resistance at $4.20

TANH is a low float, support at $3

INOD is a lowish float, watching for a setup above $4

SUP is a lowish float, resistance at $3

AXTI has support at $7

SOLO has resistance at $6

STKL has support at $8

OCUL has resistance at $13.50

CBAT has resistance at $5

JWS has support at $11.40

ARAY has resistance at $4

VRAY has resistance at $3.72

LCTX has support at $1.40

WPRT has resistance at $2.40

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