Watchlist: 11/11 Obamacare Holding, All Together Now

Market Notes:

The Supreme Court heard arguments about Obamacare yesterday. Despite the overwhelming conservative majority on the court signaled a reluctance to strike it down. I noticed more healthcare stocks on my scanner too. I believe the market is pricing in no rule changes.

The Dow, Nasdaq, & S&P 500 are all move in unison in the premarket. This after several days of mixed markets they are beginning to sync back up. At writing, markets were up about ~1%.

Things appeared to settle down yesterday after a crazy day on Monday. I believe we are going to pick up the bull run into the end of the year from here.

Unless the Trump campaign makes some headway in the courts we have little political uncertainty remaining and a vaccine on the way.


WISA is a low float, watching for a continuation

IEA is a low float, support at $11

ONCS is a low float, resistance at $5.50

TANH is a low float, resistance at $3

FTEK is a low float, resistance at $1.40

SUP is a lowish float, resistance at $3

GLRE is a lowish float, support at $8

FPRX is a lowish float, on watch

TISI is a lowish float, resistance at $8.50

BNED has support at $3

FUBO has support at $16

TMST key level $5

SIEN has support at $5

TWI is on watch, key levels at $4 & $5

MGI has support at $6

PGEN has resistance at $6.26

OCUL has resistance at $13.50

ARAY has resistance at $3.45

MNKD has resistance at $2.50

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