Watchlist: 11/10 Seasonal Rotation … Watch the OTC

Market Notes:

The markets are taking a breather, right on time with the seasonal rotation I’ve been talking about this week.

Money is still flowing into the markets with a vengeance. You just need to pick your spots carefully.

Yesterday I mention RBLX, it ended up exploding 40% higher, closing at a new all-time high and adding 20 billion to its market cap. But not everything’s going up, TSLA shed 12% and Elon Musk’s personal wealth dropped by $50 billion.

This morning the market is still putting in impressive multi-billion dollar swings. After reporting earnings UPST is down big while DASH is flying high.

In the small-cap world, the trends are failing to follow through. So I’m not taking big risks this week. But I’ve noticed volume in the OTC market has been steadily rising over the past week. Today I’ve got the 8 stock from the OTC market on my watchlist … more than I’ve had in months.

Bitcoin and crypto are holding up very well. Crypto tends to peak in mid-December so I think we’ve still got plenty of upside on that front.

I’m still bullish but risk off for the day. I’ll take a perfect setup only.


*Low Float

*STRN is on watch
*PETV has support at $4.50
*PETZ has support at $6
*RETO has resistance at $1.50
IONQ watching for a setup above $22
ASRT has support at $1.50
AGC watching for a setup above $15
FSP has support at $5.50
IPOF is on watch
VGR has support at $15.50
UUUU has resistance at $11
URG has support at $2
FCEL has support at $10
COTY has support at $10.40

OTC stocks, no levels:

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