Watchlist: 11/1 Welcome November & More Bulls

Market Notes:

When two of the biggest companies in the world, AAPL & AMZN, reported less than stellar earnings the market had every reason to take a break. But it didn’t. The market is continuing to surge higher.

Friday notched more record closes and this morning futures are pointing towards a higher open.

It’s the first of the month, traditionally a bullish day for the market. We’re expecting a lot of news this week. The Fed hosts its twice quarterly FOMC meeting this week. The market will be keeping a close eye on that. Plus the October jobs report will come out on Friday.

Bond prices are stabilizing and bitcoin remains near all-time highs. The market has some inflation concerns but it’s not scared.

The first week of November is traditionally one of the bullish weeks for the market. I’m risk on.


*Low Float

*ABVE is on watch
*METC has resistance at $19
*MRAI has resistance at $6
*APRN has support at $9
*BKKT key level at $40
CLSK has support at $20
EQOS has resistance at $7
IONQ watching for a setup above $15
DCRC has support at $12.40
ATEN is on watch
WTRH has resistance at $2
OCGN is on watch
LCID has resistance at $40

OTC, no levels:

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