Watchlist: 10/26 Trillions Season

Market Notes:

It’s a meme stock match made in heaven. The original WallStreetBets play TSLA received a huge order from one of the most notable meme stocks HTZZ.

Hertz ordered 100,000 EVs for their rental fleet. News of the order propelled TSLA stock to a new record high. The price climbed to over $1,000 per share and gave Tesla a market cap of over $1 trillion.

It’s not the only crazy high valuation. Bitcoin is holding up over $60,000 and maintaining a market cap of about $1.2 trillion.

My scan yesterday afternoon said the market is alive and well. Meme stocks are flying just because they were meme stocks once before.

Short squeezes and halts are the norm. With volatility high, the ones with a plan have the advantage. Be ready for anything in this exciting market.

Markets are at record highs, futures are up, I’m risk on.


*Low Float

*CNTX has support at $8
*HUDI has support at $16
*BKKT is on watch
*DOGZ has support at $4
BTCY has resistance at $4.30
SANW watching for a setup above $4
EQOS is on watch
AGC has support at $12
KULR has resistance at $3
PROG has resistance at $3.50
HUT has support at $13
VET has resistance at $11.50
CDEV has resistance at $7.60
OCGN is on watch
UNIT has support at $14
GNUS has support at $2

OTC, no levels: AIAD, NSAV

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