Watchlist: 10/23 The Stimulus Carrot

Market Notes:

We are in the home stretch of the election cycle. One full week of campaigning to go and the weekends on either side.

New jobless claims are still high.

The market was fairly choppy yesterday but end the day higher. The trend is still down.

We continue to have elected leaders dangle the carrot of a stimulus package. But talks keep breaking down too. I’m not convinced we will get a stimulus. If we do it could be a buy the rumor sell the news situation.

Futures are up. I’ll give it 15-mins after the open to see what way the market decides to more.


KBSF is a low float, watching for a setup above $4

NVFY is a low float on watch

CLPS is a low float, support at $4.75

ZDGE is a low float, support at $1.75

TC is a low float, on watch

GME watching for a setup above $15

CBAY has support at $8.70

VLRS has support at $9

EVRI has support at $9.50

MGNI key level is at $9.60

PBI key level at $7.40

CNX has resistance at $12

RRC has support at $9.30

CLF has support at $8.20

F has support at $8

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