Watchlist: 10/20 It’s Earnings Season!

Market Notes:

Earnings season is off to a nice start as the indexes march higher. NFLX and UAL were the latest to post “better than expected” results.

Even though I’m not trading either ticker the catalyst of earnings is providing reasons to buy. I’m still holding my indexes, could take small profits today as the parabolic move has been so strong I believe there may be a chance to rebuy on the next dip.

Bitcoin is hovering near all-time highs. Yesterday BITO, the first bitcoin ETF, made its Wall Street debut. The ETF traded up about 5% on about $1 billion in dollar volume.

Futures are flat at writing and I’m waiting for the risk-on momentum to return to the micro-cap world. HX is a good sign.


*Low Float

*HX is on watch
MGTX watching for a setup above $19
PROG watching for a setup above $3
BRY is on watch
HUT has resistance at $13
SLI has resistance at $11
DNA has support at $14
KOS has support at $4
SOFI has support at $20

OTC stocks (on watch, no levels):

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