Watchlist: 10/19 Earnings, Election, & Bulls

Market Notes:

It’s earnings season! The banks kicked things off last week with mixed results. This week has a lot of big names reporting like NFLXLUVTSLA to name a few.

The election is just over two weeks away as we all look forward to seeing furniture commercials once again. 

No major news on either of those fronts right now. I’m keeping an eye on both these as the week progresses.

Futures are higher this morning the recent dip continues to get bought up. I still think new record highs are possible before the election. 


ENLV is a low float, resistance at $15

AMTX is a low float, resistance at $4

BGFV is a low float, watching for a setup above $9

FLL is a lowish float, key level at $3

NNDM has resistance at $6

ALDX watching for a setup above $8.20

CBAY has resistance at $8.40

STKL has resistance at $8

ARAY has support at $3

ACRX has resistance at $2.10

PACB has resistance at $14.50

IMGN has resistance at $6

ENDP has resistance at $5.16

FIT has support at $7

FLEX has resistance at $15

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