Watchlist: 10/18 China, Oil, Bitcoin, & Bulls

Market Notes:

Futures slipped a little bit this morning and at writing are trading in the red. The lead headline is China’s GDP came in lower than expected. I’m dismissing this as a non-event for now. Maybe something more comes of it but I’m betting the market largely ignores this data.

Oil is above $83 and Bitcoin is above $60,000. These are super bullish signs as we enter into, traditionally, one of the most bullish weeks of the year.

I bought the indexes last week and am sitting on solid profits now. I’m planning to hold until the end of the year, maybe longer.

As for day trading I still don’t see the setups I like working, so I’m staying on the sidelines until the tides change.

Be safe! You can’t lose what you don’t risk.


*Low Float

*HX is on watch
*JSPR is on watch
*NXTP has support at $3
AEHR watching for a setup above $21
YELL has resistance at $8
WTRH has resistance at $1.50
HUT has support at $11
KOS has resistance at $4
SOFI has support at $19

OTC stocks (on watch, no levels):

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