Watchlist: 10/12 Waiting for Bulls

Market Notes:

Energy prices continue to remain high. Inflation numbers are due out tomorrow … High inflation could give the Fed a reason to delay tapering … Which is bullish for the market.

The more I look the more I’m convinced the market has much more upside than downside right now. The economy is flush with cash. I’m happy to wait out some of the volatility. *IF* the market dips further, I’ll buy more.

Until then I’m in a wait-and-see mode.

Bitcoin’s run proves the appetite for risk is very high. Watching for all-time highs on that front any moment.

I’m remaining risk off on day trading until the market shows me my setups are working.


*Low Float

*ANY is on watch
*APRN watching for a setup above $8
PROG watching for a setup above $2
AEHR has resistance at $20
HNRG is on watch
CENX has support at $16
CPRX has support at $6.20
SOFI has support at $18

OTC (on watch, no levels):

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