Watchlist: 10/12 Be Fearful When Everyone’s Greedy

Market Notes:

I’m seeing more doom and gloom predictions in my feed this morning.

Remember what Buffett says, “Be fearful when everyone’s greedy, and greedy when everyone’s fearful.”

This market still appears to be head up. The VIX is dropping lower, a positive sign for the bulls.

Markets are not logical or efficient. They move on supply and demand, that’s all, Demand appears to be greater than supply. I’m bullish.


SOL is a low float on watch

ACRS is a lowish float, watching for a setup above $5

PSHG is a lowish float, flying in the premarket, on watch

NFIN is a lowish float, support near $11.40

RBAC is in talks to take the Boston Red Sox public, on watch

ARAY has resistance at $2.90

ACRX has resistance at $2

PACB watching for a continuation

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