Watchlist: 1/7 Democracy In Action

Market Notes:

At 3:40 A.M. this morning the U.S. Congress voted to certify Joe Biden’s win as our 46th President. The vote was delayed after a mob stormed the capital building in an attempt to overthrow the will of the people.

Markets began falling while the attack was being broadcast around the world. The market’s closed the day in a wide range with the S&P 500 up 0.5% and the Nasdaq down 0.5%.

In other political news, both Senate races in Georgia have been called for the Democrats. This cements the Democrat’s grip on power for the next two years.

Despite many calls for a market correction if the elections ended as they did the market is still showing signs of bullishness. I’m always willing to be wrong but the VIX is down and futures are up… I’m still bullish.


On a personal note as someone who served this great nation for five years in the Marine Corps, I applaud the leaders from both parties for returning to the capital building and completing their work late last night.

Yesterday our democratic republic was attacked. Four people died.

The peaceful transfer of power is essential to our freedom. Accepting the results of an election even when you don’t agree with it is imperative.

The U.S.A. will remain strong. Semper Fidelis!


*Low Float

*NCTY has support at $12

*GNLN watching for a setup above $5

*BWEN has resistance at $9

*DGLY watching for a setup above $4

*ACEV gas resistance at $12

*MOGO has resistance at $4.75

NOG has resistance at $10

POWW watching for a setup above $4

CENX is on watch

VNTR has support at $3.70

OIS has support at $6.25

GLDD watching for a continuation

SXC has resistance at $5.70

NR has support at $2.20

STKL has resistance at $12

ARAY has resistance at $5

VRAY has support at $7

HOPE has support at $12

VGR has support at $13

GCI has resistance at $3.60

AMRS is on watch

CRON has resistance at $9

FCEL has support at $14

FNB is on watch

The photo was taken at the Marine Corps Museum outside of Washington D.C. Several men I served with and did not come home are memorialized here. We will never forget.

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