Watchlist: 1/6 Winners and Losers – Weed, Oil, Tech, Dems

Market Notes:

The elections have yet to be called but the betting odds paint a clear picture. The Democrats swept the runoff elections pulling off a major upset victory.

The liberal party will control the federal government for the next two years. Weed stocks are up, tech stocks are down.

Many people have been calling for a market correction if this happened. I’m going to be very cautious while the market sorts out the results.

Bitcoin appears to be the big winner, setting new all-time highs overnight. Oil surged above $50 per barrel yesterday for the first time since the pandemic crash. Energy stocks are likely in play this morning.

Nasdaq futures have been down as much as 2%. The Dow and S&P 500 are mixed closer to flat.


*Low float

*ENSV has support at $2.35

*MYSZ watching for a setup above $1.70

*ZKIN has support at $3.20

*ESSC is on watch

*SOL has support at $13

*GRTS has support at $5

CLSD has resistance at $4

RESN has support at $3, resistance at $4

PAVM has support at $2.50

CDMO has support at $12

MBIO has resistance at $4.36

SLCA watching for a setup above $9

LBRT has support at $11.50

GLOG has support at $4

ISR is on watch

OII has support at $9

SM has support at $7

MTDR has support at $14

TIGR has support at $9.50

PTEN has support at $5.80

AMRS watching for a setup above $8

NEX has resistance at $4

NXE watching for a setup above $3

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