Watchlist: 1/4 New Year, New Records

Market Notes:

Markets closed on Thursday at all-time record highs. All three major indexes posted gains for the year but the magnitude varied greatly. The Nasdaq Composite was up 43%, the S&P 500 16%, and the Dow Jones only 7%.

Bitcoin soared over the weekend, topping out early this morning near $35,000. It has since fallen more than 15%.

I remain bullish as we enter the new year. There is some risk in tomorrow’s runoff election, if Democrats can pull off an upset win in both races watch for a correction. Otherwise, the power of the Fed be with us.

Futures are up this morning. Happy New Year!


*Low Float

*DRAD has resistance at $3.50

*TCON has resistance at $11.85

*LXU has support at $3

CLSD has support at $2.50

RRD has resistance at $2.30

LC has support at $10

GCI watching for a setup above $3.50

BNGO is on watch

OCGN has support at $3

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