Watchlist: 1/27 Can I Get a Short Squeeze?

Market Notes:

The squeeze of all squeezes is still underway this morning. GME traded as high as $365 in premarket trading.

Wallstreetbets are calling for AMC, GOGO, KOSS, and plenty of others to be next. What a time to be alive!

I’m not ready to give all the credit to the degenerates over at WSB though. They play a part, no question, but I can almost guarantee other factors are in play now. Hedge funds aren’t friends with each other, when there’s blood in the water they have been known to attack the injured firm.

Nevertheless, the market is putting in some incredible moves right now. I woke to stock picks from one friend who’s a plumber, see my story about the shoeshine boy yesterday.

Futures are down this morning after the SPY did end the day slightly in the red. I’m still cautiously bullish but am aware the top is closer.


*Low Float

*KOSS is on watch

*IFMK has resistance at $1.50

*FORD has support at $3.40

*WIMI has support at $10

*GMBL has support at $8.40

*TENX has resistance at $2.80

*BHTG watching for a setup above $2

*AEHR has support at $2.60

*LJPC has support at $6

*ADMS has support at $5.50

*ALNA has resistance at $2.50

ECOR has resistance at $3.15

ASLN has resistance t $2.50

AIKI key level is $1.60

RGS has support at $11

MITT has support at $4

LCI has resistance at $9

RGLS has support at $1.55

GOGO has support at $14

CWBR is on watch

AWH has support at $7

EXPR has resistance at $4.50

BIOL watching for a setup above $1.40

NBEV has resistance at $3.50

AMC has support at $8

COMS has support at $4.50 and resistance at $5

HIMX has support at $9

TTOO has support at $2.25

PBI is on watch

LUMN is on watch

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