Watchlist: 1/25 Are Short Sellers Gone?

Market Notes:

Friday GME had a massive short squeeze after a battle between the bulls at Wallstreetbets and the bears at Citron Research. WSB won.

It’s worth noting WSB is pumping BB and PLTR right now. All three are gapping up this morning.

And that’s not all. Almost every stock on my watchlist is gapping up at writing. Short-sellers appear non-existence at the moment and the bulls are in full control of everything.

The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. I’m not looking to call the top or fight the trend. I’m gonna keep riding the bulls long as the ride continues. But I will stay mindful as to the fact that no trend lasts forever.

Futures are up. I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*LLIT has resistance at $6

*PPSI has support at $10

*YVR has support at $2.20

*SCYX has support at $8

*VYNE is on watch

*ACER has resistance at $6

*CETX watching for a setup above $2

*NBSE watching for a setup above $10

*OEG has support at $5

*ORMP has support at $5.60

*EOLS has support at $7

*RNWK has resistance at $2.20

*AQB has support at $12.25

OPTT is on watch

VUZI has support at $12

GILT has support at $9.75

CERC has resistance at $3.50

IZEA has support at $5

BW is on watch

NNDM is on watch

SEEL has support at $2.45

VTGN has support at $2.60

EXPR has support at $2

PEI has support at $2.20

KOPN is on watch

SKT key level at $13.50

SREV has support at $1.80

GEVO is on watch

BNGO is on watch

CDEV has support at $2.50

TELL is on watch

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