Watchlist: 1/21 New Records, New President

Market Notes:

The bullish trend continues, markets closed at new record highs across the board as Trump departed and Biden was sworn in.

Yesterday saw some of the strongest buying we’ve seen in weeks. The VIX dropped lower which is a good sign for the bulls however, 1%+ gains on a single day are not typical bull markets.

I expect these levels to be retested as soon as next week. I took the opportunity to trim some swing positions in my “free lunch” strategy. I’ll get an update on Twitter later today.

Futures are up, I’m still bullish.


*Low Float

*OBLN is on watch

*BBIG is on watch

*RAIL has support at $3.50

*BWEN has resistance at $10.50

*KTRA has resistance at $2

*REKR has support at $12

*AQB has resistance at $12

CLSN has resistance at $1.40

JNCE has support at $11, resistance at $12

VUZI has support at $11

SNRA has support at $5

GNCA has resistance at $3.50

UAVS has support at $15

ORGO has support at $11

INFI has support at $$

STCN is on watch

OCX has support at $3.50

CMRX has resistance at $9.50

LPCN watching for a setup above $2.25

RTP has support at $12.50

FTOC is on watch

AVGR has support at $2

TMDI has resistance at $3.20

ARAY has support at $5

ADMP has resistance at $1.50

LCTX is on watch

QTT watching for a setup above $4

PTN has support at $1

CCO has support at $1.70, $1.80

GSAT has support at $1.20

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