Watchlist: 1/20 Inauguration Day, Biden’s Market Record

Market Notes:

The S&P 500 has gained nearly 13% since election day. This is a record for any modern-day President from election day to inauguration day. the old record was JFK’s with 9%, Trump for comparison saw a 6% market surge.

Both Kennedy and Trump continue to see solid gains for the next 100 days. With history as a guide, I’m bullish.

Small caps are heating up like never before. I’ve got a huge watchlist and am being extra selective. I ended up taking 9 trades yesterday, which is a lot for me. And I still missed some.

I’ll be moving quickly and deliberately again today. It’s times like these that years of preparation can pay off. Futures are up.


*Low Float

*SGBX has resistance at $8.40

*CLXT has support at $8

*PPBT watching for a setup above $5

*SUNW has resistance at $13.50

*CLBS is on watch

*SAVA has resistance at $13

*NDRA is on watch

*MOTS has support at $1.50

*REVG support at $10.50

*IDRA has resistance at $5.65

GILT has support at $7.72

DARE is on watch

IZEA has support at $4

DTIL is on watch

UAVS is on watch

AQMS key level at $5

STCN is on watch

EMAN has support at $2.60

PEI has support at $1.60

CRNT has resistance at $7

KOPN has resistance at $3

ICLK has support at $15

LC has support at $12

AVGR has support at $2

ISR has support at $2.50

TRCH has resistance at $1.60

TRXC watching for a setup above $4

MARK has resistance at $2.60

GEVO has support at $7.60

SENS is on watch

LCTX is on watch

IMGN has resistance at $8

TELL has resistance at $2.80

UMC watching for a setup above $10

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