Watchlist: 1/14 Green is Green, Markets, Weed, & Energy

Market Notes:

Weed stock came roaring back to life yesterday, I’ve got on 3 my watchlist this morning as all has broken out to new recent highs. TLRY, CRON, APHA, key levels listed below.

Green energy plays are still hot to the touch. I’ll continue to trade this sector as long the setups keep coming.

Markets are green as green can be. The VIX is sinking, the bull trend is intact. Watch for new records this week.

Futures are mixed this morning. I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*SGBX key level at $7.20

*CPSH has resistance at $9

*IRIX has support at $4.50

*VOLT has support at $2.40

*ENG has support at $7

*ONDS has support at $11

*REFR is on watch

*SAVA has resistance at $13

FRSX has support at $6.20

IZEA has resistance at $2.70

ORGO has support at $8

NNDM watching for a setup above $10

RESN has support at $5

OCX has resistance at $3.50

KOPN has resistance at $3.25

ICLK is on watch

TLRY has support at $14.50

TRCH has resistance at $1.60

FINV has support at $3

AFMD has resistance at $7.50

GEVO is on watch

WPRT is on watch

HEXO has support at $6.25

TTI has support at $1.20

CRON has support at $10.50

APHA has support at $10

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