Watchlist: 1/12 Social Falls, Day Traders are Wild

Market Notes:

TWTR and FB took a hit yesterday after banning the President for rule violations. The dip got bought fairly quickly, both are well off their lows and both are up in the premarket. Investors are betting on a short memory.

Day traders showed us they’re still willing to buy anything. ZOM spiked 100% after a paid endorsement from Tiger King’s Carol Baskin. SIGL spiked almost 1000% when degenerates thought Elon Musk had endorsed it, he didn’t.

The market at this point is showing plenty of signs that it’s way too high but that doesn’t mean it can’t keep going. As long as the Fed and retail traders keep buying the market can keep rising.

Yesterday the markets were red but the uptrend was intact. The VIX is still rangebound. I’m still bullish.


*Low Float

*EKSO has support at $9

*SGBX has support at $6.50

*HAPP watching for a setup above $2.50

*IRIX has resistance at $3.40

*GNLN has support at $6

*OEG has resistance at $5

ALDX has support at $10.50

IZEA has support at $2.30

BLU has resistance at $3.50

MBIO watching for a setup above $4.50

EMAN watching for a setup above $2.40

DFFN has support at $1.20

DBI has resistance at $9.35

TYME has resistance t $1.80

SMTS has support at $3.50

AVGR ha support at $1.20

ISR watching for a setup above $2

TRCH has support at $1.20

MARK has support at $2.20

GEVO has support at $5.15

GPRO has support at $9

SIFY is on watch

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