Watchlist: 1/11 Bear Attack

Market Notes:

Major indexes were quite choppy on Friday. The battle between bulls and bears lasted the entire day, but bulls once again came out on top. Markets closed at fresh all-time highs.

Bitcoin reached a peak, almost exactly two times the 50-day moving average (called it). It’s since slipped into bear market territory showing that not everything can go straight up all the time. I’m watching for an 80% pullback from highs, my buy target is now $8,400.

I remain bullish on stocks with an eye on the VIX which jumped but stayed rangebound. Futures are lower this morning and earnings season is just one week away.


*Low Float

*NVFY watching for a setup above $3

*APWC has resistance at $2.92

*POLA has resistance at $7.50

*CPSH has support at $3.40

*LMFA is on watch

*ALLT has support at $13

ALDX is on watch

TBLT watching for a setup above $1

IZEA has support at $2

RESN is on watch

MLSS has resistance at $2.50

CMRX has support at $7.50, resistance at $8.50

EMAN has support at $2

CRIS has resistance at $10.30

JAGX has resistance at $4.50

TGA has support at $1

CRNT has support at $3.20

DSX has support at $2.10

LTRPA has support at $5.20

SBLK watching for a setup above $11

AVGR watching for a setup above $1

TRXC is on watch

TIGR has support at $10, resistance at $11

NOVN has resistance t $1.20

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