Watchlist: 10/22 Sellers will Sell, Stimulus, & Election

MichaelOct 22, 20201 min read

Market Notes: No one is counting on a stimulus package any more. The headlines can keep saying otherwise but it’s not a realistic possibility before the election. The election is now less than two weeks away. A decent percentage of…


Watchlist: 10/21 Futures Falling

MichaelOct 21, 20201 min read

Market Notes: Futures are near flat at writing after initially surging into the green. The overall trend of the S&P 500 is currently down. Headlines appear and disappear constantly about…


Watchlist: 10/20 Up, Down, Jumping Around

MichaelOct 20, 20201 min read

Market Notes: Markets sold off sharply yesterday, never really finding any firm footing. Futures are higher this morning. Lower floats seem did well yesterday, I’m watching for a continuation today.…


Watchlist: 10/19 Earnings, Election, & Bulls

MichaelOct 19, 20201 min read

Market Notes: It’s earnings season! The banks kicked things off last week with mixed results. This week has a lot of big names reporting like NFLX, LUV, TSLA to name a few. The election…


Watchlist: 10/16 Choppy Friday, Weekend Risk Off

MichaelOct 16, 20201 min read

Market Notes: The dip got bought yesterday. It was a textbook gap and fill. The market opened way down but managed to recover most of those losses closing the day…

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