Your Top 3 Trading Indicators

Bitcoin Crashed … Where’s the Bottom?

We crunch the numbers and project the bottom price & date. Plus a look at the next bull rally!

The Calendar for Traders
By Traders

The Collapse of LUNA is Bullish For Crypto

The TRUTH about investing, failure, and the difference between winners and losers.

5 Times The Media Screwed Up Musk’s Twitter Deal

The Case for MindMed (MNMD)

Mindmed (MNMD) could provide a "solution for addiction" and reward investors handsomely. Here's why I invested in the company...

My 2022 Market Outlook

What I’m expecting in the new year. And a top resource all traders should have..

The Case for Lottery.com (LTRY)

The stock is trading at $8 ... Find out why a price target of $770 is well within reason.

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Your financial advisor may still be telling you to avoid it. But we're all wondering ... how high could it go?

SPAC Watchlist

SPACs, too many to keep up with, but the trend is too exciting to ignore. Here's simple list with some of the most notable SPAC in the market.

Pattern Day Trader Rule Workaround

Three easy ways to work around the PDT Rule.

A Free Lunch

This strategy historically returns 12% while the market returns 3%.

Support & Resistance

What are these level? Why they happen. And how to identify them.

The Editor's Deck Feature

Michael was recent featured on The Editor's Desk. He gave a wide ranging interview talking about being a dad, an author, and developing the Trading For Keeps brand.

What’s the Float, and Why Does it Matter

The down and dirty version with no hype.

How the Marines Prepared Me for Trading

Michael served five years in the Marines. He shares what he learned and carried some of his skills to the stock market.

Building a Watchlist

Michael shows you the exact process he uses to build his watchlist everyday.

3 Books Every Day Trader Should Read

Michael shares his favorite trading books

Vend, Write Trade: A Side Hustle Story

Michael's story on how he learned to hustle and what brought him to day trading.

The Bulls and The Bears

What is the Federal Reserve?

The history, structure, and purpose of The Fed. All in simple easy to understand language.

What is Market Cap?

Stock Market Indexes: Your Complete Guide

What Are Stock Market Indexes? And What Can Each One Tell You?