3/1/22 In Like a Lion Who Owns Bitcoin


The Capital of Ukraine Kyiv remains in Ukrainian hands. The country is defending itself with everything it has. And Russia appears to be taking the brunt of it.

The Ukrainians, according to reports have killed over 4,500 Russian troops and destroyed hundred of military vehicles including 191 tanks.

Ukraine has lost 70 troops that we know of.

Markets continue to hold up, closing the day mixed but close to flat.

Bitcoin surged higher after the Russian Ruble fell.


Indicators are generally neutral. So the news will drive the market more than anything.

Bitcoin faces resistance at its 200-day moving average, represented by the blue line.


It’s a new month, the first of March closes green more than 70% of the time.

The jobs report is due out this Friday…

Just 2 weeks until the FOMC.


*Low Float

*SGLY has resistance at $8
SND resistance at $3.50
LXU is on watch
AMLX has support at $30
RADA has support at $13
CENX has support at $22
TALO has support at $15
WTTR has support at $8
FTK has support at $1.40
LNTH has resistance at $48
AGO has support at $60
VIST has resistance at $8.40
SLCA is on watch
CARG is on watch
ZETA has resistance at $12
NEX is on watch

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