Month: January 2023

1/10/23 In 2023 Bulls Lead 2-0

News: Monday morning, markets opened higher and climbed in the morning session. At their peak, the major indexes rose between 1-2%.  But after lunchtime, buyer momentum faded and the markets closed near their lows. The four major indexes ended the day mixed… Bulls ended with a slight advantage as 59% of stock advantages while 37% …

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1/9/23 Bulls Love a Pay Cut

News: The latest Jobs Report dropped on Friday. The news brought heavy buying. The not-so-big paychecks gave the market confidence that inflation is in fact easing. After the report was made public markets lurched higher, dropped at the open—creating a bear trap, and surged higher through the rest of the day. All four major indexes …

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1/6/23 Not Enough Bad News

News: Weekly jobless claims had been on the rise, but yesterday, they dropped to pre-pandemic levels. Typically a strong labor market favors a strong economy which favors a strong stock market. But right now all eyes are on The Fed. The market believes for The Fed to pivot the labor market needs to show some …

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