Month: February 2022

2/24/22 Russian Invades Ukraine

News: Russia announced a “special military operation” as it attacked several cities across Ukraine. It is unclear what exactly the Ukrainian and its allies’ response will be. President Biden has promised more “sanctions.” Market’s hate uncertainty. We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out. Bitcoin is plunging, oil is spiking and stock futures …

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2/17/22 Hawks Didn’t Fly

News: Yesterday, markets spend most of the day in the red. The Fed released the minutes from its January meeting at 2 PM. Markets jumped after the release and closed near flat. I found nothing too remarkable in the minutes. The Fed basically said rate hikes would come on a case-by-case and meeting-by-meeting basis. The …

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2/16/22 Feeling The Pain

News: Markets rose yesterday after Russia said it was pulling back from the Ukraine border. But as I noted yesterday, Putin isn’t going to just walk away. U.S. President Biden told American’s that it’s not over and to expect to feel pain at the pump while tensions remain high. In the market, earnings are still …

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