Month: August 2021

Watchlist: 8/30 Taper Tears

Market Notes: The market stopped freaking out about tapering after Powell came out rather dovish. He said inflation doesn’t matter and he’ll print as much money as he wants for as long as he wants. Exactly what he’s been saying all along. The market accepted his coddling and marched higher. Afghanistan is still a mess. …

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Watchlist: 8/25 Empty Scanner

Market notes: I have little to report today, only one stock from my end-of-day scanner made it onto today’s watchlist. No additions this morning either. Futures made a red to green move overnight. Bitcoin is slipping as it now appears to have rejected the $50K level. GME and AMC popped for no reason yesterday. Could …

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Watchlist: 8/24 Jackon Hole

Market Notes: The Fed canceled its annual in-person meeting in Jackson Hole, the reason: COVID. All while talking about tapering its support for the markets … irony? Tapering is a vote of confidence, just like raising interest rates. But the market always sells off initially when the Fed decides to go with less interference. Indexes …

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