Month: July 2021

Watchlist: 7/30 Out of Gas?

Market Notes: It’s the last day of the month. It’s Friday. An infrastructure bill is on the horizon. And Trevor Milton (founder of NKLA) is finally getting what’s coming to him. But all the good news in the world isn’t enough to boost the market it seems. It’s summer and August is almost here. Traditionally …

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Watchlist: 7/27 Out Like a Lion

Market Notes: July is wrapping up with some volatility. Nothing major but just enough to remind us of the market’s seasonality. Futures dropping overnight again after markets posted new records. Bitcoin is holding in the high $30,000. Amazon (AMZN) denied plans to start accepting it as payment but the job listing remains active. The low …

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Watchlist: 7/23 Oh Snap

Market notes: Earnings season is in full swing and we have the first real surprise. SNAP and TWTR smashed all expectations as users and profits for both companies soared. Both stock prices are up in the pre-market. Personally, I didn’t even download the Snapchat app onto my current phone. But hey the numbers are what …

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Watchlist 7/19: Be Greedy

Market Notes: Warren Buffett saying time … “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful.” Markets appear scared. Selling down 1% on Friday and futures are pointing towards another 1% drop this morning. London’s FTSE is leading the way, down about 2% at writing. PM Johnson is in isolation after contact …

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