Month: April 2021

Watchlist: 4/27 Tesla & Bitcoin

Market Notes: TSLA reported record profits and fell 3% in after-hours trading. Another surprise announcement was that the company had sold 10% of its stake in Bitcoin, to prove the liquidity. Musk said he retaining his personal investment (0.25 bitcoin if my memory serves me correctly). Bitcoin is holding in no man’s land…. Above the …

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Watchlist: 4/23 Tax The Rich

Market Notes: Reports came out yesterday afternoon that the Biden administration is planning to float the idea of increasing the top tax rate (incomes of $500k and up) from 37% to 39.6%. A small increase… But the kicker is he allegedly wants to increase long-term capital gains tax to the same rate, from 20%. Treasury …

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Watchlist: 4/20 Dogeday

Market Notes: Bitcoin continues to hover in the mid 50’s. Meanwhile the joke Dogecoin is near all time highs. The internet decided to make the former weed holiday into dogeday this year… Fitting for the year of the meme. Markets are still boring so the fact that retail is chasing Dogecoin isn’t too surprising. It’s …

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