Month: March 2021

Watchlist: 3/31 End Q1

Market Notes: The first quarter of 2021 will end today. The overall trend appears positive, but it’s been a wild ride… The Dow is near all-time highs, the Nasdaq went into correction. Bitcoin posted several new all-time highs and went into bear market twice… And a new infrastructure bill will start to make its way …

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Watchlist: 3/30 Margin Call

Market Notes: One of the largest margin calls ever, happened last week, a hedge fund appears to have blown up in spectacular fashion. Banks liquidated huge blocks of VIAC and other stocks when Archegos Capital failed to produce enough cash… Markets seem unphased right now as the upward grind continues. Yesterday was a bit choppy …

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Watchlist: 3/22 Out Like a Bear

Market Notes: The end of March is typically weaker than the beginning. I’ve had trouble gaining much traction at all in March so I’m shifting to a complete risk-off approach. Markets are showing signs of weakness. Concerns over rising virus numbers and inflation still remain. Bitcoin is hovering near all-time highs. Futures are mixed. I’m …

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