2/28/22 The Fall of Rouble, Kiev Defends


Ukrainian reports 352 civilians have been killed since the fighting began. It also claims to have killed at least 3,500 Russian military members.

The Capital Kyiv/Kiev has yet to fall to Russia as its defenses remain intact for now.

A Russian military vehicle burns in Kharkiv, Ukraine, February 27, 2022. (Sergey Bobok/AFP)

Over the weekend Putin was isolated on the international stage.

Russia has lost access to commercial flights, international banking, and its currency is plummeting, down as much as 50% according to some reports. We will have a better idea after the markets close.


After posting two solid green days in a row futures are dropping this morning.

Markets remain near oversold, I still believe we are in the midst of excellent buying opportunities. But only if your hold time is greater than six months.

Few short-term plays look attractive right now.


It’s the last day of the month. March brings us the FOMC and a new round of economic data.

I expect the market to remain volatile until after the FOMC.

The first of the month is often a strong green day. I could buy a small position if the market closes deep in the red expecting a gap up tomorrow.


*Low Float

*SGLY has resistance at $8
BPT has support at $11
SND has support ta $3, resistance at $3.50
LXU is on watch
AMLX has support at $30
CENX has support at $22
WTTR has support at $8
LNTH is on watch
AGO has support at $60
VIST has support at $7.35
SLCA is on watch
ZETA has resistance at $12
BTEGF has support at $4.15

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