2/24/22 Russian Invades Ukraine


Russia announced a “special military operation” as it attacked several cities across Ukraine.

Image by South China Morning Post

It is unclear what exactly the Ukrainian and its allies’ response will be. President Biden has promised more “sanctions.”

Market’s hate uncertainty. We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out.

Bitcoin is plunging, oil is spiking and stock futures are deep in the red.

Each new report of escalation, first shots, first death, could send markets even lower.


Markets are below any established support levels.

This is a buying opportunity if you want to get in a stock at discount rates. Just be prepared to hold for several months … or a year.


Nothing to report here. The War has overridden any seasonal timing.

It’s not a good time for swing trading or day trading in my opinion.

Be safe.


*Low Float

*INDO has resistance at $9
AMTD is on watch
AMLX is on watch
FTK has support at $1.25
WTTR has support at $7.75
VIST has support at $7.35

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